What does your body size say about your s*xual activity?


The debate continues and it doesn’t look good because tempers are rising; someone feels he is being body shamed and he is not going to have any of it. He is going to fight tooth and nail to prove that he, like everyone else, deserves to be respected.

“If childbearing were to be an Oscar, I’ll be winning back-to-back because every time I give childbearing an attempt, I hit jackpot; my first and second attempts had produced twins; my wife is pregnant again and the scan result is pointing at the same direction. That means I would have had six children from three attempts, can you beat that? The averaged height, pot-bellied man brags.

His friend; tall, muscular and very athletic, who had been listening with keen interest, was about to speak when he interrupted. “I’m not done,” he continues, “My father, who I took after, has my kind of stature, same with my two brothers (twins) before me and they are as fertile as a pig. You may want to think about this before you give a response,” he interjected.

Now, his athletic friend, who thought the debate of body stature and who is better in bed would be a walkover, is now short of points and sweating to put his words right.

More so, he has been married for more than five years and yet to have his first child. He decided to go the easy way in defence; “My friend, it is God that gives children. You have spoken well and proudly about your ‘bedmatics’ prowess, but it is not because you’re that fertile. God only helped you and you should be grateful and not stand here bragging about what is not.”

Meanwhile, a doctor has been listening and observing the two friends from the rear. He had a good laugh at the submissions of the father of twins. He felt for the yet-to-be productive athletic man: of course, he knows that there is a medical angle to all these and he is not going to keep quiet.

“To start with, we need to establish a distinction between an increased weight and obesity,” the doctor began. “Individuals like Anthony Joshua and some weightlifters have a relatively increased weight/body size compared to the general population. They are not obese, but have increased body weight due to their large muscle and bone mass, they acquired through exercise.

“Obesity literally has to do with excessive fat mass (not muscle or bone) content in the body. Medically, it’s objectively measured, using Body Mass Index (BMI), which relates height to weight.

“Thus, obesity is when the BMI is greater than 30kg/m2 as a result of excessive fat. The normal BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. A BMI of 24 and 29.9 is regarded as overweight,” the doctor said.

Both friends gazed at each other and sat eye glued at the speaker… This is quite important to how they see themselves henceforth and whatever norms they must have mixed with myths.

The doctor continued: “Most of the disorders, like S*xual and heart disorders, are not linked to those with increased body weight due to muscle/bone hypertrophy (enlargement) but to obesity. Thus, obesity is a risk factor for many disorders.

“A person’s weight or body size does not affect his S*xual life. It also doesn’t have anything to do with sperm production.”

The athletic man likes this part, he adjusted his seat and looked through his shoulder to see his friend’s reaction to what sounded like a punch line, but the other man was unperturbed.

It is noteworthy to emphasise that there is no medical research that has associated weight with S*xual dysfunction.

The doctor added that “S*x is an exercise, but having S*x alone will not make a person lose weight. Losing weight requires more than just S*x.

“Irrespective of your size; slim, plus size, athletic, muscular and the rest, can fertile and all can be infertile. Fertility has little or nothing to do with weight.

“Obesity is an important factor in a couple of other health problems like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart diseases.

“The long and short of the whole matter is that weight does not have any significant effect on S*xual pleasure or enjoyment,” the doctor concluded.

Both friends looked gratefully at the doctor: if they didn’t know better, their body size has nothing to do with their S*xual activities.

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